Dear friends and followers of my "Little Glitter Houses" web site:

Effective June 2015, I will no longer be accepting orders for building houses. I will only be building for my personal enjoyment. I do plan on keeping this web site up as a source of information, photos, how-to-articles and links to related sites.

I will be an active member of the Cardboard Christmas Forum. You will be able to see my latest projects there.

My very best regards...Howard

This notice supersedes any references about ordering procedures, offers, or services previously posted on my "Little Glitter Houses" web site.

Handcrafted Christmas Village Houses and Churches, Reproductions and Original Designs
Here are some of the pieces which I have made. As you can see, the world of the "glitter house" is no longer confined just to the Christmas season.
Sizes vary depending on the project. The castle, USO building, church, pagoda and the Victorian house were around 9 to 10-inches tall. Most others are approximately 3 to 6-inches tall. The smallest is the little chicks and their house, being about 2 1/2-inches square.

"Your houses are marvels of creativity, exquisitely rendered with wonderful detail. And you know what? They make me smile, every one. Kudos!" -A-

"Howard's houses are truly those of an artist. From the detailed plans to the finished product, he does amazing work. Every small detail is carefully thought out and executed. The Victorian house that he just finished for me is nothing short of a masterpiece. It has a place of honor in my living room. Everyone should have one of Howard's houses. I guarantee you will not be disappointed." -J-
"While still retaining the charm of the original Made in Japan Christmas houses of by-gone days, Howard's work has elevated them into a true art form. Attention to color, sparkle, and texture is nothing short of magical. Well-built and more structurally sound than their vintage "cousins", one can also be assured that with proper care, these will become part of family holidays to come. I love Howard's creations! They are the perfect compliment to vintage pieces and have so much more character than the ceramic versions being churned out by the thousands!" -M-
"I just opened up my houses. Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE them! They're just what I wanted and more. They look just like the houses on the beach, especially with all the "gingerbread" on them. I'm so glad that I found your website--you did an amazing job! Thanks again for such beautiful houses!"

New Photographs 9/26/08

New Photographs 11/20/08

New Photographs 1/10/09

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New Photographs 11/28/09

New Photographs 2/28/10

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